Two of My Ex-Boyfriends Are Dead

Two of my ex-boyfriends are dead.
And I'm not 40 yet.

They were both just 23.

Sometimes they visit me.

They say,"Time ticks different here," 

Faster, like a circle, less linear.

One died in a car, one died in a war,

I'm not the same person I was before. 

When all is calm, I feel them there,

You can probably see them in my distant stare.

Both live within me like roots of a tree,

The earth is my youth, and they ground me.

The were only 23.

After all their visits, the message is clear,

They say it's much much much, harder here.

Under the same full moon, there's so much beauty,

But we're too busy doing our duty,

Working hard to be rich, fighting for a cause,

In our little, linear world, we forget how to love. 

Somehow I got past, the Why, not the When,

Don't think I'll ever be the same again. 

Flames seem brighter, life, more vital,

Smaller things smaller, there might be no tomorrow. 

Given; time is not linear, then what is age?

But a numerical concept keeping us caged.

Time is relative, we're too human to see,

The wisdom in this can set us free. 

10 Aug 2014