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Searching for Dallas studio + engineer


Hi! Thank you for stopping by! I love sharing my work with new people, especially if you're a fellow artist or musician interested in collaborating.

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I'm a singer/songwriter, musician, & painter. I began playing music when I was 7 (classical viola and violin) and it's been an evolution of instruments, genres, & other art forms ever since.

My greatest passion is creating, whether it be writing & recording pop songs, poetry, or paintings, I'm always searching for new ways to convey life's meaning (or lack thereof)?

Although I love meeting new people and would hardly call myself shy, I have zero interest in being on stage or involved in live performances. Creating for me is cathartic, meditative, and peaceful and the solitude it brings is one of the greatest rewards of the process.

I also love wine, chocolate, Woody Allen films, and traveling! 

I’m currently in search of an engineer + studio here in Dallas to record a new song. Please email me if you’re interested in working together!


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