In an old woman's attic
Was a blue glass vase
Once a swan
Now a different shape
A different hue
Than when it was new
Additional cracks
Missing pieces
Unidentifiable plaque
Gaping spaces
Gaps and jagged edges
Dust and chipped paint
Crusty crevices
The ubiquitous brown stain
Smooth curves made sharp
Sticky fingerprints and mold
Black goo at the bottom
Still breakable, still cold
Tiny pieces glued together
To be broken once more
Rubbish in the compactor
A finger slammed in the door
Blood on the box
Where the hideous resides
A mangled blue bird
Aching to fly
Garbage to most
Beautiful to me
Love in a box
For no one to see
Goodnight sweet lover
Immortal, undone
For eternity undiscovered
the blue glass swan
For eternity undone
Our love

29 Dec. 2008