She sings her sordid siren song
Sweet serenade escapes her lips
It shakes a shimmer in my ear
For which I'm (rightfully) ill-equipped

Her soft scent lingers languid
Lying faithfully and drained
In the confines of our revelry
I sense we are the same

She aches for just one glimpse
From his wandering, weathered eyes
As I ache for some resistance
To the magnetism of his mind

Yet bestow upon her he will not
His righteous sea of bluegreen
Lest she succumbs to the undertow
Of a life (lived) less pristine

O the eyes of one who's suffered
Dark radiance in their might
Pierce the strongest warriors senseless
Vivid fright amidst delight

Yet, in good faith, she surrenders
His faint whisper so serene
Obedience the mighty wave
That wipes her soul clean

A sea of blue green rising
Under the midnight moon she soars
But in the quiet breath of sunrise
It is I who takes the oar

Battling to and fro the storm
I'm convinced I am the stronger
Bobbing buoys in the midst
He'll (simply) heed who lingers longer

Atop an ocean we've been thrown
Two, idle and forlorn
How strange our ships have not collided
On our journey back to shore

2 Dec 09