The morning comes and she stands bright
Her smile shines around you
Her fragile hand rests warm in yours
You let her light surround you
She's gone, gone, gone.

Picks up your clothes, takes out the trash
Turns off the smoke alarm
Unclogs the drain, fixes the bed
But she can't fix your heart
She's gone, gone, gone

She gave you music, brought you art
Found you an old guitar
She pulled the passion from your guts
She showed you who you are
She's gone, gone, gone
Gone, gone, gone

The truth was in your arms at night
The truth was in her tears
Yet somehow truth can blind a coward
A fog of all our fears
She's gone, gone, gone

Her love for you was love unsought
Unconditional and pure
To lose it all is like losing
the man you never were

8th May 2010