Red Velvet Dress

Late at night when the sun sleeps,
She puts on the red velvet dress,
Cats play outside, the first bird weeps,
She wants to look her best.

Velvet like raspberries softer than cotton,
Feathers caressing white skin,
Too snug a fit with frills on the bottom,
She struggles to climb in.

Success! It's on. She looks in the mirror,
Limbs draped across the floor,
She strains to focus surprised by her tears,
She longs for something more.

Perhaps a little blue flower to put in her hair,
Or shiny silver shoes to match,
Long white gloves like Cinderella wears,
Or black stockings made of fishnets,

Night after night, the same routine,
This obsessive game of 'Go Fish,'
A lonely private prison dream,
A black cat magic wish.

Try as she might, she can't look away
And the bird outside gets louder,
Squawking like mad as the day invades
The solitude that surrounds her,

Urgent! In the mirror, in this red velvet dress
For just a moment, truth is reflected,
In its hot lava glory, alone at best
She is burning as she rejects it

7 Jul 2007