Red Wine & Chocolate

I made a space for you in my heart
Right next to red wine and chocolate
Now you've gone and ripped it apart
I guess it wasn't quite what you wanted

Maybe I would've rearranged things
So your space in my heart could grow
I'd paint over scars, put pictures on the walls
Just to make you feel more at home

Now you'll never know
What could've been
Had you waited, been patient, had some faith
If you'd just given in

You'll never know
How big a fan of change I am
Just cause I don't answer the door at first
Doesn't mean I won't let you in

You'll never know
You were my favorite friend
And your space in my heart, your place in my soul
Will be there till the end

You'll never know
You'll never know

I saw the fire in your smile
I thought that I might get burned
But I didn't care if you burned my whole house down
As long as you loved me first

19 Jan 2011