The Other Side of the Moon

From the other side of the moon a gentle hand emerges
One finger raised in question at the girl with loving sternness
Raise not the glass of wine to your strawberry colored lips
Unbecoming the belligerence with which the red venom drips
Taste instead this succulent grape as i place it on your tongue
And remember what I told you of the patient heart that won
Don't chew prematurely you'll spoil the surprise
Let it roll around in wonderment so I can see the flavor in your eyes
Caressed lips moist over which the tantalizing finger floats
Tremble, savoring every moment of her lover's eager hopes
Into her eyes he gazes yet he, invisible as air
Discovers a divine fire in her trusting, lusting stare
As a toddler learns to walk and an infant learns to speak
To his every request she surrenders his power eternally sweet
Never a man so strong as is he who can transform
A woman's wounded heart of stone into its pliable, natural form
Like putty in his hand he could shape it as he pleases
But as sincere as his motives are idealistic his reasons
Gently glides the safe hand across her alabaster face
Guiding glances toward the warmth of that far away place
Purple grape still on her tongue mouth open, she waits for his move
With the promise of future splendor she will not bite down too soon
For in time he will fly from the other side of the moon
To replace the ripe, purple grape with fruit of his own

14 Jul 06