Unquiet Mind

Beautiful musical person I hear
Your broken machinery tickling my ear
Rusty clanking of parts past separated
A once straightforward device made complicated
Wheels spinning, never at rest
You've learned in the cold the machine works best
Frozen kiss a product of a mind in mourning
Frozen lips gently heed the silent warning
All I have to do is listen and I see
Brilliant orange genius tumbling wildly
Rhythms in an upward spiral of delight
An unquiet mind suddenly taking flight
Try as you might you remain unprotected
Unable to hide what has long since been rejected
Your vulnerability sits proudly on your sleeve
Like a toy soldier saluting me
Instinctually I want to straighten your crooked masterpiece
But it's too heavy, I'm too new, it's not my place
All at once I abandon thoughts of tools and fire
And once again I surrender to your empty desires

5 Mar 2005