Waltzing on Ice


Today I went waltzing on ice

I made sure to put on high heels

I wanted to look extra nice

But the man waltzing with me wasn't real

Yes, alone I was on the frosty lake

Twirling and weaving like mad,

Snowflakes sprinkled across my face

It was the best dance I'd ever had

Suddenly, I needed to tango!

But the sun was going down

The bitter cold engulfed me

And I couldn't hear a sound

But the ice, it seemed to whisper,

Heels scraping like a knife,

"It doesn't make a difference," said the ice, 

"weather you're dead or you're alive."

What! I screamed aloud

Dancing harder, heels like blades,

You're just a useless slab of ice

Atop a useless little lake!

The ice, it hissed and crackled

And seemed to cackle with delight,

The moon was beaming too,

Settling in to watch the fight

I kicked and screamed and hit 

With all my fury, all my might,

And the fire burned within me

Heating up the frigid night

Clear as day, my steamy breath

Beads of sweat upon my skin,

Seething rage, a wicked spell

From lust, to love, to sin

Suddenly, the ice it changed

As if absorbing all my heat,

A pool of water at my toes

A teardrop-puddle at my feet

Good God the ice was melting!

And I, miles from the shore,

Shouted, What good are you blasted ice

If you can't hold my weight anymore!

All I wanted was to dance

Why couldn't you just let me be?

Things would've been fine

If you hadn't heckled me.

"No no," said the ice,

"I beg to disagree.

Things would have been fine

If you had not gotten mad at me.

You're the one withe the heels.

You're the one with the heat.

I'm just a slab of ice

It was you who melted me."

Suddenly a crack!

My entire body numb

And with my last breath I consoled myself,

At least I didn't die dumb.


8 May 2012